Acumen Third Sector provides a comprehensive branding, print, web design, and hosting service. Our services are detailed below to give you a fuller understanding on how we work with you.

I don’t know how to thank you for your help over the years— fantastic stuff!

William Hudson Web Co-ordinator, Amnesty London

Acumen and the Third Sector

For several years, we've focused on delivering the services that charities need, giving us a unique insight into the needs and constraints of the third sector. We've also developed specific tools to assist you in making informed choices, and through discussion or by holding workshops in your organisation, we can provide you with an insight into developing an advocacy program that can produce real results.

Web Design

Getting the right look for your online presence is essential if people are to communicate with you directly. Being such a valuable tool in spreading your message, and updating supporters on your news, activity and development, failure to utilise these media will be detrimental to your good work. We are competent at striking a balance between the friendly and professional, while avoiding being overly corporate.


Most charities despise the idea of branding - but without one, you will not create an impact on the people who need you most. People remember brands because they represent a promise. It is important both for your benefactors and your funders; a strong brand reinforces recognition, but in turn also fosters trust, helps shape understanding of your organisation's attitudes and ethos, and ultimately affects a willingness to donate, or get involved.


Whether you're looking to produce glossy brochures to sell your charity to potential government departments, annual reports for stakeholders or just need to produce a basic newsletter for your users, we're well-versed in providing the a comprehensive set of print resources.

Funding Partnerships

One of the most immediate hurdles in creating an online presence as a charity is being constrained in budget. Some providers might be able to support you with pro bono timea, but ultimately they probably won't be as available as you need them to be. Recognising this, we strive to work with your organisation to build a strong funding proposal that will be able to source the finance to produce your project.

Our Working Process

Understanding your project

Our first priority is to get a close understanding of your needs. A free consultation is undertaken on the phone and, usually, with an informal meeting between Acumen and your organisation's project lead and/or stakeholders.


Planning and Proposal

Once we've got a firm idea of what needs to happen, we'll produce a proposal - sometimes with several revisions based on your feedback. This will include a clear breakdown of timescales and associated costs for you to approve internally.


Development & Delivery

We'll work on your project until you're happy with the end result. This will often involve several feedback cycles but depending on the nature of your project, many customers are happy with our very first signoff.


Support and Maintenance

We'll stick by you as you grow into the new system and brand, on hand to point you in the right direction should you get stuck. If possible, we like to have regular reviews to check that you're getting the most out of our services.