Supplier Independence

Acumen see one of the biggest failings in the IT/web industry as being deliberate customer tie-in to the supplier's services. When this is a transparent process - for instance lower fees for a contract period - no one gets hurt, but when customers are prevented from taking control of their services due to esoteric requirements, this is deeply unfair.

At Acumen we do not purchase domain names on behalf of our customers - there is no point to this apart from wielding power over your customer. This does mean a little more work for you, the customer - but it also means that if you don't feel we meet your expectations, you can move your services easily without our express permission.

Similarly, if you want to move your web hosting elsewhere and you have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with us, we'll be able to give you a downloadable copy of your server so that you can locate it where you like.

These may be unusual principles for today's digital agency but we feel they're for the right reasons.