What is Acuity?

Acuity is an all-in-one solution for managing many aspects of your business – your clients, staff, expenses, income, and more.

Is it for me?

Acuity is a perfect solution for small and medium size businesses, who want to manage their business quickly and easily, all from one place.

If you've ever suffered from the following, Acuity is for you:

  • Find it difficult to keep track of what your staff are working on, and their time keeping
  • Creating invoices is time consuming and error prone
  • You spend far too much time compiling your expenses and income for determining the state of your finances - time which you could have spent doing what you really need to do - making business decisions.
  • You find yourself searching through documents and emails to get an address or a phone number for a client you urgently need to contact

Core Features

Manage your Clients

Acuity acts as a store for details about your clients – save your points of contact, invoice addresses and more, and make this information available to your staff.

You’ll never again have to look through your email or files to find someone’s phone number or address.

Manage your expenses

Record all your business’s expenses, for easy comparison against your income.

Take the stress out of invoicing

With Acuity, you can add invoicable services as you go. When you’re ready to compile these into an invoice, you simply tick off the services to include, and press a button – your invoice is automatically generated in PDF, invcluding figures with and without tax applied - and you can even automatically email it to the client.

You can then easily view all invoices, paid and outstanding, and see how much revenue is due.

Your Staff

Acuity allows your staff to enter information about how they spend their time, and allows you to review this at a glance.

For your staff, it means they can easily record how they spend their time, with no need for separate time sheets or work tracking systems.

For managers, it allows you to have all your staff records in one location,

  • See how much time has been spent on a particular project this week, ir this month or this year
  • See how particular staff members are spending their time

Work Tracking

No one has time to monitor their staff, constantly. Thankfully, with Acuity, you don’t have to – your staff can easily record how they spend their time, and you can easily summarise it.

Time Keeping / Attendance

As your business grows, you need to keep track of your staff’s attendance, without spending your whole day on it.

With Acuity, your staff members clock in and out of the system, and can see how many hours they’ve worked in a given week, and how many more they need to work.

This can all link into contracts, so different staff members are expected to work varying hours.

You can even be notified if staff members are consistently late or working under their required time, so you can be proactive about addressing these issues.

Bringing it all together

Acuity allows you to combine all this information.

Profit and Loss

See if you’re making a profit, loss, or breaking even for any given period, by view graphs of income from invoices against your expenditure.

Your Best Clients

  • Identify your most, and least, profitable projects and clients by comparing how much time is actually spent on a piece of work against how much it was invoiced for, allowing you to.

How can I get Acuity?

Acuity is available online – no installation or extra computers required – simply go to your company’s Acuity site online, from work, home, or anywhere in the world.

Acuity can also be installed in your offices.

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We can easily rebrand Acuity entirely to fit with your companies existing brand.