December 9, 2011

Acumen’s forecast on what your brand should do for 2012

The New Year is almost upon us with new thoughts, new actions and new projections for what should be achieved. So what should your organisation or charity be focusing on? Finding a fundraising manager? Establishing more events to program into the year so you bring in more funding…does it always have to be just about funding?

We think not.

Sharing, photos, reality and new forms of innovation will be the key trend to hit the world of branding within the third sector. If you’re not utilising it, then it’s about time you did. It will effect the bottom line at the end of the year, improve the balance sheet in the annual accounts, and impart the truest form of advocacy from your benefactors. Just because you cared enough to think about them.

Applying a process

The immense scene of social media within the landscape of presentation has grown exponentially. Strategies are driven behind activity through Facebook and Twitter, Search Engine Optimisation techniques develop almost every month with new algorithms from the engines powering search, requiring a skill set only a few company’s care about, and the management of the social network that you’ve created, is a full time job in itself.

How do you cope with the new workload? How can you automate relevant tasks so you don’t have to micromanage your social presence? How can you measure all this activity so it doesn’t take a whole day or a whole week to gauge the activity?

Simple, share the workload with people who care enough about your benefactors and the balance sheet. Most people I know can do this in their sleep, but then again most people I know do nothing else but think about design, SEO and measure efficiency rates of the tools at their disposal. Just so their clients get a better understanding of who their customers are.

Streaming your way through 2012

As we tag our way through our lives, adding meta data to our visual experiences and simplifying all our uploads, we get a clearer picture as to what it all means for the organisation that utilises this form of sharing. New marketing language has been formed and digital startups like Pinterest, are changing the face of how we share our digital visual language with people around us.

Visual social networks are going to bring endless opportunities to charities that want to provide a new form of message delivery. Photography, once again, will become a wordless and powerful driver for brand delivery to global audiences, not just to the home market. It will allow you to build story streams of the work you do, harness social behaviours and make sure you have a narrative that expresses your brand perfectly.

Keeping it real

Bring yourself to life. It’s as simple as that. The world has gone from being connected to being so hard wired into the fabric of activity that everything is in the now. Organisations that wait for the ‘right time’, will ponder at their suffering, further increasing its lagging nature by not taking the risk of acting in the present.

Technology will aid in the process of effective and immediate delivery of everything you want to say. Even to the smallest charity or organisation, globalisation is a force that can be used deftly with creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovation in-house

Fostering creative work practices will also become more common in organisations. Innovation has long been seen at the core of disruptive technologies and new product launches or service deliveries. Becoming more people-centric will be the new in road into adding value to your brand. Risk taking will be the heart of innovation and boldness of thought with empathetic customer insights, at the forefront of any new campaign.

Staff will have more fun when organisations approach this new way of thinking internally. Happy employees mean they become owners of everything the organisation does, empowering and driving new processes to the development of it. Value is increased and ultimately recognition of a brand that stands out in the customers’ mind, is the end result.

The job of being creative is everybody’s so that everyone can share the benefits of good. Good is new, new is now and your brand has a story to tell.

We look forward to helping you read well in 2012.