October 27, 2008

Viva Adobe, Viva Linux!

My eye balls nearly popped out of my head when I stumbled across Adobe’s alpha of flex builder for Linux. I say beta, but it does everything I want, is faster and seems even more stable than flex builder in windows. The fact this is released as a plugin for eclipse (the windows and mac versions of flex builder are built on eclipse) is quite a break from Adobe’s previous behaviour. But then so was releasing the flex SDK for free!

Anyway as a native Ubuntu user I’ve been enjoying this immensely. The only disappointing thing is that Adobe have seen fit once again to only bless Linux users with 32bit binaries. Now I think that it’s pretty hard to get a new pc or laptop that doesn’t have 64bit support, so why the reluctance?

I managed to get it working in the end of course. But it meant taking off my 64bit version of eclipse, and installing 32bit version of this and Firefox. The instructions were all clear enough on adobe’s site. What makes me laugh is the fact it might have just been easier for them to build a 64bit version rather than wasting time writing a detailed HowTo.

In other related 64bit Linux news, I got my dirty little paws on a 64bit Ubuntu package! Great stuff Skype, glad to see you listened to everyone who relentlessly bombed your forums.

Ok this is my last Ubuntu fanboy post for a while I promise. I just wanted to spread the love.