September 16, 2008

Insight on Conflict

Acumen worked with Peace Direct to create the Insight on Conflict website, a grassroots peacebuilding and conflict reporting organisation based in London, released on the 11th of August.

The website is based on the WordPress CMS, and has been customised to give full control to Peace Direct over the associations of Themes, Conflict Areas, Organisations and their Initiatives, along with automatic map generation and RSS aggregation.

I’m sure Lucy has told you how delighted we all are with the Insight on Conflict website, but I just want to add my own congratulations. It looks a treat, and particularly with the maps and additional search capabilities, offers a much more appealing product.

Thanks so much for putting in so much time and care to get it just right. Truly a labour of love!

~ Carolyn Hayman CBE, Chief Executive, Peace Direct

You can visit the Insight on Conflict website at