April 16, 2008

Can’t stop raving about Ubuntu

Ok it’s a problem. It’s the effect of having been stuck in Windows for so many years. Trying time and again to change to linux but always having problems with cross platform compatibility, portability, finding and implementing functionality. Now a lot of these problems haven’t been solved by Ubuntu itself, in fact all flavours of Linux have come a huge way in the past 5 years in improving the general user experience. Addtionally exotic hardware support has been growing too, so don’t get me wrong, I know that all the perks are not because of Ubuntu, but it’s stepped into the fray at exactly the right time.

This is the first OS that I can show to inexperienced people with pride, showing that features can be added by them with no help by me. But most of all this is the first OS I’ve enjoyed using, my laptop now makes me happy, not frustrated. All those little things, like having ssh filesystem access from the desktop, that just makes my job so easy. It helps now and again being an old hand with the CLI, which always intimidates new users who want to go a bit deeper into Linux.

My next adventure will be installing kvm, I’m going to set up a freebsd testbed on my laptop. Reports here later as to my success.